If the donor tries to alter the patch by applying a substance to the outside of the patch, the film will no longer be shiny, smooth, or transparent. If the donor tries to alter the patch by injecting a caustic substance under the patch’s outer film, several things may happen. The absorbent pad may become discolored and have an odor, the skin under the pad may become irritated and red, and holes from a hypodermic needle may be visible in the film.

If you suspect that a patch has been tampered with or has been compromised, write what you have observed in box #13 on the chain of custody form. This will provide documentation if the patch is not fit for analysis, or gives unexpected results.

Adulterated Patch. Pad injected with 30% peroxide and disintegrated.

Adulterated Patch. Caustic substance injected into the pad, causing severe skin irritation.

Adulterated Patch. Significant break-down of the film. The pad is nearly disintegrated, the skin under the film is red, and appears blistered. “Odor of vinegar” noted at removal.

Neither the monitoring agency, nor the client may add to or detract from the construction of the Sweat Patch at any time.

Adulterated Patch. Subsequent environmental testing revealed the patch was injected with a substance known as “Galaxolide,” which is a liquid used by cologne manufacturers to create a woody-musky scent. [Client injected the pad with cologne in an attempt to mask a positive patch result, and tried claim that he was “allergic” to the patch].

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