Examine the Sweat Patch on the client’s body. A successfully worn Sweat Patch should be transparent and firmly attached to the skin. If the edges of the Sweat Patch have lifted (or rolled) but the Sweat Patch is still firmly adhered to the skin around the outside of the pad, the Sweat Patch is acceptable. The edges of the Sweat Patch may become dirty while it is being worn, creating a visible wear-line, around the the outside of the Sweat Patch.

Patch on right has been removed and reapplied

LEFT: Notice the film is transparent (clear) and adheres firmly to the skin.

RIGHT: Notice the film appears cloudy and lifts easily from the skin. This Sweat Patch has been removed and reapplied.

Dead skin cells stick to a patch that has been removed, which keeps it from being completely transparent. The Sweat Patch is designed to stick to the skin only one time.

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