When the donor returns to have the patch removed, pull the appropriate chain of custody form from your files.

First, compare the I.D. number written on the chain of custody form with the number printed on the outside of the patch. If the numbers agree, record the date the Sweat Patch is being removed on the chain of custody form. Both parties must verify the information and initial the top, right side, removal portion of the custody form.

The donor must also sign the chain of custody form after the pad has been secured in the specimen bag and sealed with the security label (see section labeled PharmChek® Sweat Patch Barcode Labels).

If the numbers do not agree, evidence suggests that the client has obtained a PharmChek from another entity and has replaced the old patch in an attempt to possibly mask drug usage. It is strongly suggested that agencies secure all unused PharmChek® Sweat Patches under lock and key to prevent donors from taking them.

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