The PharmChek® Sweat Patch can be worn on any of these 3 body areas:

  • Upper-outer arm
  • Lower midriff
  • Lower back

The upper-outer arm should be used as the primary application site.

The upper outer arm is the most common and most convenient area for patch application.

Patch placed on lower back

If the patch is going to be worn on the lower midriff, have the person who is to be wearing the patch lean backwards slightly to stretch the skin. If the patch is going to be worn on the lower back, have the person wearing the patch lean slightly forward.

Do not place a PharmChek® Sweat Patch over skin that has obvious sores, cuts, scars, ulcerations or skin irritations such as acne, however, it can be placed over tattoos if the tattoo is light in color and does not contain obvious scar tissue.

The area for application should not have excessive hair, wrinkles, or be rubbed by tight clothing. If the donor has excessive body hair, do not shave the area. Instead, choose an alternate body site location or use a different testing methodology.

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