PharmChek® Sweat Patch | Drug Use Detection Sweat Patch

Complete Confidence—No Cup Required.

With the PharmChek® Drugs of Abuse Sweat Patch, there is no unsanitary collection, no invasive observations, and no gaps in sample collection.

Ditch the cup and the hassle with the PharmChek® Sweat Patch.

What Is the PharmChek® Sweat Patch?

The PharmChek® Sweat Patch is a successful and economical device for long-term and continuous drug testing. It is designed to be a minimally invasive drug testing system that offers court-supported, dependable detection of the most common drugs of abuse. The PharmChek® Sweat Patch is a comprehensive testing solution for adult and juvenile probation and parole, substance abuse courts, reentry/recovery programs, and workplaces.

superior detection continuous accountability privacy without compromise
Privacy Without Compromise
Two-step verification of positive results, plus parent drug and metabolite detection. A single patch provides 24-hour sample collection for 7–10 days. Be confident in your results without invading anyone’s privacy.

PharmChek® Kit

PharmChek® 50ct. Kit (N218)
50 Patches
50 Chain of Custody Forms
50 Single-Use Tweezers
50 Specimen Bags
50 Transport Bags
100 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

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Proven Advantages of the PharmChek® Sweat Patch

Continuous Collection for a Week or More

Conventional urinalysis provides only a few days of detection. The Sweat Patch offers up to 7 to 10 days of continuous sample collection (and up to 14 days when paired with the optional PharmChek® Overlay). With the PharmChek® Sweat Patch, you get a more comprehensive picture of drug use patterns with your clients to support recovery and accountability.

Wide-Range Detection Panels

Confidently detect the most common drugs of abuse, with additional panels available for common opioids. Each PharmChek® patch is screened by our partner SAMHSA-Certified lab, via immunoassay, with presumptive positives confirmed by LC-MS/MS.

Quick Application & Removal

Not only does the Sweat Patch require fewer appointments, leading to greater drug testing compliance, but application and removal take less than 10 minutes.

Noninvasive & Gender Indifferent

Testing with PharmChek® maintains privacy and does not require invasive sample collection methods. With PharmChek®, same-gender observation is also not required. Male officers can apply PharmChek® to female clients and vice versa. With the 24-7 continuous collection of both parent drugs and metabolites, Sweat Patch results are equally accurate, regardless of gender.


The PharmChek® Sweat Patch is tamper-evident. A trained observer can quickly and easily determine whether a patch has been removed or compromised, providing more reliable test results. This level of visibility encourages more open discussions about recovery progress and lapses.

Perfect for Rewards and Sanctions

With its long window of detection, PharmChek® can provide recovering users with consistent accountability, helping them prove sobriety and be rewarded for it, serving as an external motivator to cease drug use.

What the Courts Say About the PharmChek® Sweat Patch

PharmChek® Sweat Patch Upheld, US Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, 2007

PharmChek® has been upheld as a valid and reliable testing methodology in over 50 state and federal courts, including the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, by The Honorable Sandra Day O'Connor, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, (Ret.), sitting by designation, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 294(a).

From the Decision in U.S. vs Stumpf

“...the PharmChem sweat patch drug testing device is a reliable scientific method for testing for the presence of controlled substances, including methamphetamine, as it was utilized during the periods in question.”