October 12, 2022

For nearly a year, the PharmChem, Inc. team worked hard to customize an out-of-the-box NetSuite product for our intricate operational processes. In doing so, we leveraged their available customer Learning Cloud Support (LCS) service. Within this service are on-demand educational resources that we utilized from the beginning to familiarize ourselves with the system and live learning blocks.

LCS learning blocks connected our team with Darlene Kendrick, a live LCS expert tasked with learning our custom system, so she could then teach our team the best method to navigate the product. Darlene even worked with us for two months post-launch to ensure everything was functioning as it should.

When Oracle NetSuite asked their experts if they had any new customers they thought would be best to help promote LCS on various platforms, Darlene brought their attention to PharmChem. And it was our honor to be featured on their live social media broadcast to speak about our experience.

PharmChem CFO, Shana Veale

Due to that previous broadcast, Oracle NetSuite contacted PharmChem again to see if we would be interested in attending SuiteWorld, their annual conference, participating in an on-stage interview, and a handful of podcasts.

Representing PharmChem at SuiteWorld 2022 was our CFO, Shana Veale. Watch her live, on-air interview recorded from the expo floor and broadcast to all on-air remote conference attendees.