June 25, 2024

The PharmChek® Sweat Patch has been a reliable drug-testing device for over thirty years. Today, the PharmChek® advantage is even more apparent with the introduction of the PharmChek Academy, our free training program available exclusively to PharmChem customers, designed to teach them everything they need to know about the patch.

What Makes the PharmChek Academy Different than Training Tuesdays?

In January 2023, PharmChem rolled out Training Tuesdays to better educate and inform our customers and prospects about the PharmChek Sweat Patch. Since then, it's become increasingly popular yet challenging to cater to everyone's specific needs.

The PharmChek Academy allows our team to better serve PharmChem customers by separating specific, customer-focused topics previously covered in Training Tuesdays into a separate track.

Our team feels it's our responsibility to ensure all our customers are confident in utilizing the PharmChek Sweat Patch.

Kimberly Henderson

Training Tuesdays

Training Tuesdays will remain available to existing and non-customers each week on Tuesdays. However, Training Tuesdays will now consist of only general overview training.

The New PharmChek Academy

When customers need expert insights, the PharmChek Academy allows colleagues and peers to have those conversations, with sessions built around specific topics and fields.

"We can all learn from each other—what worked, what didn't, and so on," says Kimberly Henderson, Director of Customer Success at PharmChem. "And since the academy consists of live sessions, like Training Tuesdays, it's not a prewritten script but an opportunity to talk with other customers about very targeted issues."

A Closer Look at the PharmChek Academy

Kimberly says, "Our online self-guided certification covers all aspects of PharmChek® products. Training Tuesdays is now the best source for general overview training, but if a new or existing customer wants to learn how other professionals make PharmChek® work for them and the people they serve, then the PharmChek Academy is perfect for them."

She continues, "Through various sessions, we'll address topics relevant to all customers, including probation, parole, community corrections, monitoring agencies, child protection, pretrial, diversion, and the workplace."

What's the Goal of the PharmChek Academy?

Henderson says, "Our team feels it's our responsibility to ensure all our customers are confident in utilizing the PharmChek Sweat Patch, and we see the PharmChek Academy playing a big role in that objective."

She continues, "We want our partners to experience success in all aspects of patch use, from the process to knowledge and understanding to implementation. The PharmChek® Sweat Patch is a proven drug testing tool, backed by science and the courts, that provides unequivocal confirmation of the truth, and we want our customers to be confident in these facts," says Kimberly.

Ultimately, the goal of the PharmChek Academy is to help customers get the most out of PharmChek® by sharing tips and tricks—not found anywhere else—in a collaborative and engaging atmosphere.

What Topics Does the PharmChek Academy Cover?

Initially, the academy will consist of specialty topics previously covered in Training Tuesdays. However, it will quickly evolve and expand to include specific tracks focused on business development for service providers and program development for our direct agencies, among many other topics.

"We cover our customers' most important questions and challenges," says Henderson. "Questions such as patch adulteration and accessing test results will always exist, but our vision for the PharmChek Academy goes further. We dive deep into specific topics our customers have expressed interest in—how to implement a drug testing plan, improving outcomes, navigating the lab website and lab reports, tips and tricks for the application and removal process, and much more," Kimberly says. "I'm excited to see this roll out and make an impact for our customers."

How to Take Advantage of The PharmChek Academy

Our customers can access the PharmChek Academy by logging into the Customer Toolbox on our website, which does require login credentials.

Once you access the PharmChek Academy page, view the available sessions and sign up. The registration process is identical to that for Training Tuesdays. Please contact training@pharmchem.com if you don't know how to log in or have lost your credentials for the Customer Toolbox.

Ready to Get Started?

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