PharmChek Sweat Patch Certification Exam

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To certify that you have been trained to apply and remove the PharmChek® Drugs of Abuse Patch, please fill out all information and take the exam.

You must get at least 22 out of the 25 questions correct to receive a passing score.

Please only use lowercase letters.

1. After the application area is cleaned with alcohol, how long should the area dry? *

2. Which portion of the PharmChek® patch does one return to the laboratory (CRL) for analysis? *

3. A PharmChek® patch is compromised if *

4. The PharmChek® patch can be used to test for *

5. If you place the PharmChek® patch on the upper, outer arm, why should the muscles be flexed? *

6. When should a Donor not wear a PharmChek® patch? *

7. When sending in the PharmChek® patch chain-of-custody form, which copy is returned to the laboratory (CRL)? *

8. Why does the Trained Observer use single-use disposable tweezers and plastic disposable gloves when removing the cellulose - absorbent pad from the PharmChek® patch? *

9. The PharmChek® patch can be purchased and used by: *

10. Why doesn’t the Donor completely remove the PharmChek® patch himself during the PharmChek® patch removal process? *

11. If a Donor has an allergic reaction to the PharmChek® patch it usually will: *

12. What is the most common problem that can occur using the PharmChek® patch? *

13. If a Donor does have a severe adverse reaction to the PharmChek® patch, call PharmChem within: *

14. If the cellulose - absorbent pad from a patch is received at the laboratory(CRL) and the specimen bag does not have a security seal on it, the laboratory personnel will:

15. A specimen will be “No Tested” if: *

16. The PharmChek® patch is usually able to detect more people who take cocaine and amphetamines/methamphetamines than urine testing because: *

17. Will “flushing” or drinking a lot of water after taking drugs keep you from having a positive drug result with a PharmChek® patch? *

18. If a person has a tattoo on the area where you want to put the PharmChek® patch: *

19. When preparing the area of the body for patch application: *

20. What are the reasons the patch would “just fall off”? *

21. How do we know that a positive Cocaine or Amphetamine/Methamphetamine result is not caused by passive contamination from the environment? *

22. Is it possible to have a positive sweat patch result and a negative urine result? *

23. Has the PharmChek® Sweat Patch been accepted by the Courts? *

24. What methodology is used to confirm a presumptive positive Sweat Patch? *

25. If a positive patch result is reported: *