For more than thirty years, you've come to know PharmChem for our reliable sweat-based drug testing product, the PharmChek® Sweat Patch. It continues to be a successful and economical device for long-term and continuous drug testing, with a proven track record of distinct advantages over urine, saliva, or hair testing. In the fall of 2021, PharmChem entered a new chapter of operation. We welcomed two veteran team members into leadership roles, with Kerri Wagner as CEO and Shana Veale as CFO. This leadership transition brought a renewed focus to sales, marketing, and an improved customer experience, all of which inspired exciting changes to our brand.

Our New Look

With leadership changes in place, along with a fresh perspective on the trajectory of PharmChem, we knew it was time to update certain aspects of our brands—both PharmChem and PharmChek®; and our goal was simple: to ensure that the excitement and enthusiasm we feel as an organization is evident to those we encounter in the marketplace.

First, we wanted to draw a clearer line between PharmChem and PharmChek®, especially for those who might be new to either, so we have implemented new logos for each.

For clarity, PharmChem is the name of our company, based in Fort Worth, Texas. PharmChem is the manufacturer and sole source distributor of PharmChek® products.

Our products consist of the PharmChek® Sweat Patch and the PharmChek® Overlay, which combine to form a continual testing device that cannot be easily adulterated, tampered, or substituted. And, unless you deal directly with PharmChem as an investor or vendor, the PharmChek® brand is what you will see front and center going forward.

Online & Operational Enhancements

Along with new logos, we have made a few updates to this website, including enhanced and refined content, a new online re-ordering feature for existing customers, and CRM integration for improved customer service workflow.

We've also expanded and invested in our sales team. Previously, all PharmChek® sales were handled by three individuals, while simultaneously performing other duties within PharmChem—a lot to ask of anyone. Today, we have a small group of dedicated and knowledgeable sales representatives committed to getting to know our customers, their organizations, understanding their specific needs and requirements, and responding to them with accuracy.

These improvements are already paying off. Read what one customer recently had to say about their experience PharmChek®

...we have thrown every crazy scenario at our sales rep and her team in regards to something potentially causing a false positive reading, and PharmChek® always has support for why it's not a misread or faulty product. I love that there is no way for a client to alter the outcome of the patches. Their products are consistent, and they have the science and credentials in the laboratory to counter any questionable result.

Leah Taylor, Co-Owner/Founder, Snowy Peak Community Services

If you see PharmChek® at one of the many trade shows we attend around the country, watch for redesigned and enhanced business cards, marketing and sales collateral, along with updated booths reflective of our new look.

Finally, in addition to leadership changes, we've also restructured our organization so that our most knowledgeable team members can better focus on streamlining operations, growing the company, and ensuring PharmChem continues to lead the sweat-based drug testing industry.