Before joining PharmChem, I worked with court officials, probation officers, and law enforcement agencies, driving effective monitoring for individuals with high, medium, and low-risk needs. I’ve interacted directly with clients suffering from severe addiction, placed on monitoring programs as an additive resource to promote public safety. I was called to testify in over 60+ evidentiary hearings and spoke to the court daily regarding the status and progress of program participants.

I've completed the Robert F. Borkenstein Courses for Alcohol and Highway Safety and the Effects of Drugs on Human Performance and Behavior. In addition, I've received specialized training to establish best practices, standards, and protocols for the following programs: CAM (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring), Drug Patch, Remote Breath, and GPS (Tracking & Home Detention). I'm considered a Subject Matter Expert in the areas of impaired driving and the intersection of substance abuse and the criminal justice system. I’ve conducted internal and external continuing education trainings to further promote public safety through evidence-based practices leading me to my current position with PharmChem.

In my current role as Product Manager, Direct-to-Consumer, I will use my industry experience to develop new customer segments outside of the core criminal justice market.

I currently reside in San Diego, CA, with my husband, and I enjoy cooking, playing soccer, exercising, and watching sports

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